Days of Training

 Matt  spent a good portion last weekend training our dog Rebel to get prepared for the senior hunt test coming in May. I sat in the background and snapped some pictures of them and held my breath each time Rebel ran a new blind, hoping he’d nail it. Let my back up, a blind in the dog ‘hunting’ training world is a tactic that requires hidden bumpers, where rebel has to follow Matt’s casts and whistle blows to locate and retrieve it. Rebel did great! Lets just say at the end of the day, we were all exhausted.


I too jumped on the blogging bandwagon…

I am a photography newbie, dog fanatic, shopping addict and all around fun gal. My blog sums up my passions, desires, and future defining moments.

My childhood sweetheart and I are embarking on a journey that will include tying the knot, house hunting, and living our day to day lives with our most treasured black labs.  All the while, I will be juggling a career while helping him follow his dreams of opening his own dog training business. The sum of this madness will be trying to find the balance between heels and the mud.