Coffee Table Makeover

Matt and I have been wanted to muster up the energy to redo some of our furniture to help give our home a face lift. this past weekend we decided to start with our scratched-up dark wood coffee table. We are both so pleased with the outcome. Although at the time it felt never ending, it was well worth the time and effort in the end.

IMG_5676 IMG_5663IMG_5664IMG_5700IMG_5705IMG_5696


Hunt Test Prep

It’s been far too long since I’ve posted and Hunt Test season has officially begun.  Matt has been training day in and day out prepping Rebel for his first Senior test, which takes place in a week, and ramping-up Auburn for hunting season in the fall. This past weekend I was able to tag along his training session and snap some shots. It’s amazing watching these dogs hit milestone after milestone and continuously impress.IMG_5536_pix