Exposed: Our Family Room

We are finally getting rooms in our home put together. The complete process will take quite some time and we are not in a rush. I thought I’d slowly start getting some pictures up as the rooms started to come together and projects starting wrapping up. Our family room is almost complete, it just needs a few more touches such as an area rug and mounting our ginormous TV (wink wink).

When Matt and I first stepped foot into this home we knew immediately it was ‘the one’. On first impression it was evident this home was built with love and housed memory upon memory, a feeling we had yet to experience. The warmth our surroundings gave off was undeniable. We bolted glances at each other, the moment our Realtor expressed would happen, and knew we had to have it!! The combination of the family room and formal room both played huge roles in instantly falling in love. The overall theme goal: Cozy Chic. 










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