DIY Bathroom Shelf

A couple weeks ago Matt and I had dinner with some friends at their new home. It is stunning, they have put so much time and effort into it and it really has paid off. Naturally this inspired me to get back at it with projects for our home. I have been pretty exhausted these last few months, going through first prego trimester, but finally have my energy back. So far, I have been doing little projects here and there for all rooms in the house, I have now decided to pick one room at a time. I chose to do a shelf I spotted awhile ago on Pinterest for our guest bathroom. This past Sunday I felt motivated and was able to check it off the ‘done’ list. Total this project cost me roughly $20!




IMG_8867Step 3: I found this awesome hook at an antique store for $5. I spray painted it and roughed it up a bit.


STEP 5: Stain shelf with desired color. Drill holes on each end and attach rope.



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