Kids’ Rooms: Check!

I can officially say I am done with both Scarlett’s big girl room and Jett’s nursery! I have been working on these rooms for months now and slowly but surely they are finished.

Scarlett Ella

I don’t have definite “themes” for either kids rooms. I was more so inspired by things I found along the way. With that said, when I came across the most gorgeous 1920’s antique armoire at a local shop, I began to envision Scarlett’s room and the word Storybook kept coming to mind. This piece reminded me so much of one of my favorite stories, Beauty and the Beast. For the color scheme I wanted something soft and peaceful – so I carried over the blush pinks and grays from her nursery (even using some pieces from her nursery). Her room turned out exactly how I pictured and more and she loves spending time in there.

Jett Gregory

For Jett’s nursery I knew I wanted something that tied well into our home – fitting more into the DIY and outdoorsy feel. Being outdoors is something that is a very important part of our family and we wanted to bring that joy into his room. For his room I was inspired by the “Robin Hood” Matt shot a few months back. For that that don’t know what that is, it’s when you shoot an arrow directly into the back of another arrow.

When we came across wildlife photographer Luke Cruz, one of our favorite Instagramers – I knew his art needed to be displayed on the walls. Matt reached out to Luke and asked if we could get some photos to display on a nursery wall, he was so generous and sent some our way. The rest of the room just fell into place with each piece I came across. 

Life is going to be chaos here shortly with a 2 year old and brand new baby. But I am so looking forward to it and hope their rooms will bring us all a little peace on those extremely rainy days (as everyone whose been there I’m sure can attest to).