Happy 1st Father’s Day 

Happy Father’s Day to the most incredible dad out there. His love, patience, and undeniable pride he has for our sweet little girl has been the most incredible relationship to watch grow. One day she’ll be able to tell you herself what a great role model and inspiration you are. Thank you for being amazing Matthew, Happy Father’s Day!

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Hunt Test Summers

Hunt tests  have become apart of our everyday routine for months now. Whether we are planning around them, prepping for them, or actually attending one it’s an ongoing summer event. Similar to taking a child to baseball practice. People often joke that our pups are our children and I can’t help but chuckle because they truly are.  When Matt and Rebel walk off the field with that ribbon I can’t help but feel like a proud mom.


Hunt Test Prep

It’s been far too long since I’ve posted and Hunt Test season has officially begun.  Matt has been training day in and day out prepping Rebel for his first Senior test, which takes place in a week, and ramping-up Auburn for hunting season in the fall. This past weekend I was able to tag along his training session and snap some shots. It’s amazing watching these dogs hit milestone after milestone and continuously impress.IMG_5536_pix


Spring Training

Spring has finally sprung. Matt has been ramping Rebel up for 2013 Hunt Tests and also training Copperwood’s newest addition, Auburn. Auburn is still a small pup but Matt and the client both agree starting in the early phases of puppy training will be beneficial. Auburn is a floppy ear, bright eyed, ball of energy and it will be fun to watch her grown. Most people my age start getting baby fever, however in the Tuttle household we get puppy fever and Auburn is the perfect cure.

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Copperwood Kennels Logo Reveal…

After hours and hours of design deliberation, we finally came up with the finishing touches on the business logo. Things are coming along wonderfully with the business and we are very excited to start the Copperwood Kennels adventure !! A huge thank you to Matt’s best friend, Kyle Twiddy, who helped draw the logo image, it turned out exactly as Matt envisioned!


Training at Sauvie Island

Matt has been in non-stop training mode for the last couple months getting Rebel prepped for hunting season as well as the senior hunt tests coming Spring. Matt is also training another dog in the process and giving the owner pointers along the way. He spent the majority of the past couple weeks training and any free time I had I tagged along to get shots for the upcoming website. Which we are still in the process of throwing around a handful of names for our kennel. Needless to say, we have been in prep mode for not only the kennel but for the wedding 🙂

Days of Training

 Matt  spent a good portion last weekend training our dog Rebel to get prepared for the senior hunt test coming in May. I sat in the background and snapped some pictures of them and held my breath each time Rebel ran a new blind, hoping he’d nail it. Let my back up, a blind in the dog ‘hunting’ training world is a tactic that requires hidden bumpers, where rebel has to follow Matt’s casts and whistle blows to locate and retrieve it. Rebel did great! Lets just say at the end of the day, we were all exhausted.