Welcome Scarlett Ella

We are so blessed to have welcomed a healthy beautiful baby girl on July 17th, 2014 at 8:12pm, Scarlett Ella. To capture this extremely special time we had Amanda Metz (www.amandametz.com) photograph every step of the way. The photos turned out absolutely amazing and I am so thankful we chose to have our delivery photographed so Scarlett can share in these memories for years to come. A very special thank you to Amanda !! Here are just a few of the photos. ScarlettElla-6 ScarlettElla-17 ScarlettElla-18 ScarlettElla-23 ScarlettElla-25 ScarlettElla-38 ScarlettElla-36 ScarlettElla-42 ScarlettElla-29 ScarlettElla-21 ScarlettElla-48 ScarlettElla-39 ScarlettElla-43 ScarlettElla-41 ScarlettElla-60 ScarlettElla-63 ScarlettElla-102 ScarlettElla-103 ScarlettElla-95 ScarlettElla-110 ScarlettElla-108 ScarlettElla-114 ScarlettElla-120 ScarlettElla-115 ScarlettElla-127 ScarlettElla-209 ScarlettElla-206 ScarlettElla-199 ScarlettElla-201 ScarlettElla-202 ScarlettElla-220 ScarlettElla-191 ScarlettElla-185 ScarlettElla-181 ScarlettElla-172 ScarlettElla-171 ScarlettElla-131 ScarlettElla-144 ScarlettElla-145 ScarlettElla-165 ScarlettElla-221 ScarlettElla-219