Exposed: Our Family Room

We are finally getting rooms in our home put together. The complete process will take quite some time and we are not in a rush. I thought I’d slowly start getting some pictures up as the rooms started to come together and projects starting wrapping up. Our family room is almost complete, it just needs a few more touches such as an area rug and mounting our ginormous TV (wink wink).

When Matt and I first stepped foot into this home we knew immediately it was ‘the one’. On first impression it was evident this home was built with love and housed memory upon memory, a feeling we had yet to experience. The warmth our surroundings gave off was undeniable. We bolted glances at each other, the moment our Realtor expressed would happen, and knew we had to have it!! The combination of the family room and formal room both played huge roles in instantly falling in love. The overall theme goal: Cozy Chic. 











Table Makeover

I have been on the prowl for pieces to redo for our living room. Matt and I went antiquing and he bought me this amazing steal of a deal table. It is a Ethan Allen table, originally priced at $700 and we walked away with it for $50! It’s initial color wasn’t bad and it was in great shape, but I wanted to redo it white and distress it a bit to match the rest of our living room.




Once Was A Ladder

Within the madness of Matt’s shop, I came across a cool ladder that he put in the burn pile. He found it up in the storage loft that the previous owner left. Rather than burning it I thought I could redo it and use it for something. I sanded it down, painted it and roughed it up a bit. Once it was in the house I knew exactly what I wanted to use it for.

After I sanded it:


After it was painted and distressed:



Once was a ladder… now a bookshelf!



Hunt Test Summers

Hunt tests  have become apart of our everyday routine for months now. Whether we are planning around them, prepping for them, or actually attending one it’s an ongoing summer event. Similar to taking a child to baseball practice. People often joke that our pups are our children and I can’t help but chuckle because they truly are.  When Matt and Rebel walk off the field with that ribbon I can’t help but feel like a proud mom.


The Newest Addition…

Along with a new home we thought it would be perfect timing to get a new pup. Right?! Well actually, now that we have our new home and are able to start building Copperwood Kennels (yay) we needed a female that way Matt can get her titled and be able to start our breeding program in a couple of years. So be on the lookout for new pups in the future 🙂 She’s quite the handful but we couldn’t be happier to welcome ‘Stitch’ into the Tuttle family.


Home Sweet Home

We finally made the plunge and bought our first home. It’s perfect for us and things are really coming together. We have a lot of vision for this house that will come over time. For the time being we are doing small projects here and there, starting with redoing some awesome pieces we’ve found at local shops (post coming soon). Here is a sneak peak of our new home 🙂


IMG_6579IMG_6811 IMG_6807